THEBREAK_RGBWelcome to my website!

The Break, my first title for adults, has landed! It was launched in fine style at New Edition Bookshop in Fremantle on 1 September. It was an amazing night and the bookshop ran out of books. I’m hoping that’s a sign of things to come!


‘The Break  will resonate with fans of Tim Winton …’

— Books+Publishing

There’s lots here on my website—teaching notes, reviews and testimonials, access to the book trailers and my contact details. For more stuff (high-res photos, book club notes, or to buy the books) check out the fantastic Fremantle Press website: www.fremantlepress.com.au

Meanwhile, don’t forget you can grab a copy of any of my books from your local library, all good bookshops or even buy an ebook online (all my books are available as ebooks).

Happy reading, and hope to see you out there somewhere soon!

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(And if writing for young adults and junior fiction readers is your thing, may I recommend the titles below? More info here.)


The Break (pic by Dia Selleck)

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Deb its Jen Barr here. I have just consumed The Break in one sitting. What were the children doing? I dont know! Well done on such a sensitive topic. I’m learning about the resonance of pain in a small community 18years later.It touches all of my childrens lives.

    • Hi Jen! Thanks so much for reading The Break. Sometimes the children just have to be put to one side for a wee while so we mums can do wonderful things like read books! I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for your lovely comments. Did the lovely George send you a copy? She is awesome. I know that it’s still – and will always be – a very deep and lasting wound in the community. How could it be anything other? I hope readers think I took the care that it so well deserves. Thank you Jen for your vote of confidence and for your time! Hope to see you and Stu and the kids sometime soon. Deb xxx

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