Deb_Fitzpatrick-20(web)THEBREAK_RGBWelcome to my new website!

I’m so excited to be revealing my new book, The Break, here! It’s due out 1 September 2014 and apparently there are already quite a few pre-publication orders in already. I hope that’s a sign of some eager readers.

‘The Break  will resonate with fans of Tim Winton …’  — Books+Publishing

I’m hoping you can get whatever you need from my website—teaching notes, reviews and testimonials, access to the book trailers and my contact details. For more stuff (high-res photos, book club notes, or to buy the books) check out the fantastic Fremantle Press website: www.fremantlepress.com.au

Meanwhile, don’t forget you can grab a copy of any of my books from your local library, all good bookshops or even buy an ebook online (all my books are available as ebooks).

Happy reading, and hope to see you out there somewhere soon!

And if writing for young adults and junior fiction readers is your thing, may I recommend the title below? More info here.


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