At my door

At my door

At my door – 2015 ISBN: 9781925162707

Deliveries usually come in a van. Deliveries are often heavy boxes or oddly shaped padded bags. Deliveries do not come late on a school night. They don’t come in a speeding car. And they don’t cry.

When Poppy Campbell’s dad opens the front door to find a small, very distressed child clinging to a green blanket, the family try their hardest to do the right thing. They make the little girl comfortable, call the police, and look after her while the authorities search for her family. Why has this happened? The cops are called in, nappies bought, old toys dug out, and friendships made.

One night Poppy’s family receives a very unusual delivery, and her world is turned upside down.

Deliveries don’t usually come late on a school night. They don’t come in a speeding car. And they definitely don’t cry…


‘This is a light, easy read from accomplished Australian writer Deb Fitzpatrick, who handles an unusual subject with humour and insight. [The book] opens up the possibility of some interesting conversations with younger readers about different and difficult family situations. Poppy is a lively and curious narrator who isn’t afraid to ask questions, and her efforts to make Mei feel at home while the authorities search for her parents are sweet and warm-hearted.’ —Bookseller + Publisher

‘This is a beautiful story about realising that not everyone is as lucky as some.’ —Lamonts Standing Orders

‘[At My Door] is a sensitively crafted, sad and thoughtful story, and Deb hopes that Mei, who has such a brief but powerful impact on Poppy’s family, will make children and adults look at life a little more holistically.’ —Subiaco Post

‘Local author Deb Fitzpatrick pulls at the heartstrings with her new book At My Door.’ —Cockburn Gazette and Joondalup Weekender

‘Right from the first pages, I was very keen to find out why a small child has ended up on Poppy’s doorstep late at night. The plot is different from anything else I have read before but I really loved it — from the serious parts about the baby to the funny bits involving Poppy’s brother. Harry. Another reason I enjoyed the book is because it is Australian so I could relate to the TV shows and other things the characters talked about.

‘This book would be perfect for children who are just starting to read chapter books because it’s not too long, the chapters are short and the storyline is interesting. And that storyline might just make you wonder what will be waiting the next time there’s a knock at your door.’ —The West Australian (review by Ava Daebritz, 9)

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