Spencer Gray lands (safely) in the US!

Spencer Gray lands (safely) in the US!

I’m so excited to share this! Star Bright Books, based in Massachusetts in the US, will be releasing The Amazing Spencer Gray this ‘fall’, and here’s the cover …


The blurb reads like this:

Spencer Gray is 12—finally old enough to join his father in his glider, the Drifter. Going up and soaring is amazing! Spencer can’t believe that they’re actually there; can’t believe he and his dad are flying in an aircraft with no engine high above the earth, vast uninhabited areas below them.

It’s incredible! Then disaster strikes the glider in mid-air, leaving his father badly injured. Now Spencer must be nothing short of amazing if he is to save them both. Set in Australia, Deb Fitzpatrick’s tale of a boy surviving in the rugged outback is filled with adventure—a perfect choice for readers seeking a new hero to cheer.

Compellingly written, The Amazing Spencer Gray is a story of resilience and courage that is sure to become a classic.

168pp. •5 1⁄4” x 6 5⁄8” • Ages: 10-12 yrs  BD: 978-1-59572-769-5 • $6.99

Rock on, Spence!!


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  1. Melinda Tognini
    Melinda Tognini August 2, 2016 at 3:21 pm .

    Congratulations! Fantastic news!

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