Teachers & Librarians

Teachers & Librarians

Teachers, librarians and booksellers – please feel free to download the teaching notes for my books.
They are a free resource full of fantastic ideas to get readers thinking!


I’m very proud to say that 90 packets of instant noodles (2010) and Have you seen Ally Queen? (2011) were both named Notable Books by the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA).

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Spencer Gray book cover (204 x 307)




Some testimonials from teachers, students and readers

“The workshop was engaging and inspiring. Our students felt safe in their writing and sharing and trusted Deb totally. There was joy in our students’ voices and on their faces as they shared. Deb’s feedback was insightful and positive – not condescending. Sessions were paced well and were challenging – all students were able to come at activities at their own level and develop.”
— Feedback from teacher from Newman Senior High School during a visit to The Literature Centre in Fremantle in June 2017


“Fantastic library visit. Deb was enthusiastic, dynamic and had a fantastic relationship with the students. Relating real life stories, pictures and video clips was great. Very inspiring for the students.”

— Feedback from teachers visiting Cannington Library during Children’s Book Week 2015


“Deb Fitzpatrick gave a really engaging and interesting talk and presentation that was highly effective for our students. Her style was open and friendly and our students gained lots from her session.”

— Feedback from teachers visiting Cannington Library during Children’s Book Week 2015


“They were very engaged. Teaches them to research when they are writing, to experience what they are writing about. To hear an author tell where she gets her ideas from and experience is awesome.”

— Feedback from teachers visiting Cannington Library during Children’s Book Week 2015


“Great talk – pitched at right level for kids. Very worthwhile.”

— Feedback from teachers visiting Cannington Library during Children’s Book Week 2015


“It was good, she engaged them very well. Children enjoyed listening to her stories.”

— Feedback from teachers visiting Cannington Library during Children’s Book Week 2015


“Terrific. Deb engaged the kids with experiences and visual aids. These experiences are great for our students to listen to and see how she progressed with her ideas to write. More of this type of activity would be tremendous.”

— Feedback from teachers visiting Cannington Library during Children’s Book Week 2015


“We should have writers like Deb more often to inspire young writers. It was amazing, will appreciate more programs like this!”

— Feedback from teachers visiting Cannington Library during Children’s Book Week 2015


“This is a very good activity/promotion to encourage kids to love reading and even be inspired to pursue their dreams of being writers or illustrators. We love to support any of your plans such as this. Well done!”

— Feedback from teachers visiting Cannington Library during Children’s Book Week 2015


‘Thank you for visiting our school today and being so warm and candid with the kids. They were really excited about the visit and their article … even being edited by a real writer :)’

—Michelle Murphy, Darling Range Sports College


‘Deb was well prepared and confident. She provided lots of opportunities for the students to be involved. Deb was very energetic and entertaining, very easy to listen to, and the content was both age appropriate and of interest to our class.’

—Simone McKenna, Shire of Murray


‘The kids all had a fantastic time meeting you, The Year 11s are about to do some writing for a competition so I’m sure they will be feeling inspired!’

—Nakita Kitson, WA College of Agriculture


‘I have just finished reading your book 90 packets of instant noodles. It was really awesome! I really enjoyed reading it, you are a really good writer. I have recommended it to school. You should definitely keep writing!’

—Olivia Hawks, Year 9 student


90 packets of Instant Noodles, Deb, boy o boy—it was worth the wait! Children’s book…pfft! I can’t put it down!’

— Louise, mother of two


‘I gave 90 packets of instant noodles to my grandsons […] The 13-year-old read it in one sitting. Once he got started he couldn’t put it down and told me yesterday that it was “the best book he has ever read”!!’

—Maggie, Grandmother of three


‘I could feel Ally’s pain — and as a high school teacher I’ve certainly experienced the pain many endure. I felt like I was running on adrenalin reading Have you seen Ally Queen? […] I wanted to get to the end and yet I needed every bit of it.’

—Clare, high school teacher


‘Finished 90 Packets […] Powerful, powerful stuff. […] Once the shooting happened my mouth was open for the rest of the book. […] You did a lot of homework. Original and believable […]. I […] loved how you made Bunbury the poor man’s Freo, what a beauty. I’ll definitely be slipping it to the sheltered as well as wayward teens I come across.’

—Michael Brown, Drama/English teacher


‘Thank you for being such a star today, Deb. You’re brilliant!’

—Denise Tan, Bookseller, Singapore, 2014


‘I have had a number of students that took part in your presentations come in and ask for your book. Both Have you Seen Ally Queen? and The Amazing Spencer Gray are out. Just thought you would like to know.’

—Carolina Mejia, Youth Events Librarian, Kalgoorlie-Boulder

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